Saturday, December 8, 2012

Live @ Manly Deck


In 2012, Andy Warstar resumed living in Brisbane, Australia. Around that time, he found an advertisement on Gumtree (an Aussie website similiar to Craigslist) wherein a local pub was looking for acts for it's open mike night. Andy answered the ad, sent off a demo, was met with approval and scheduled a gig.

This night was quite special because Frank, the guy running the show, was a congenial guy and excellent at doing sound. He took his time getting Andy set up (only an added ten minutes or so), and as a result we get this excellent soundboard recording. There are so few of these in Andy's catalogue, and mainly due the fact that most places you go, the sound guy is an inexperienced young asshole who rushes the artist on and off the stage.

But this night was different, and not only did Warstar get this great recording, he was also able to video the gig as well for Youtube. The downside of this gig is that the artists were placed in an awkward corner behind a pool table. The feng shui was all wrong, and Andy Warstar felt it. It lent for a bit of jingle jangle and flubs (like forgetting to include the chorus on Birthday Boy, a farewell song to Ween), but who cares anyway. Who's gonna listen to this? Besides, Warheads don't listen to Andy Warstar & the Warstars to hear some perfectly polished corporate rock band.

Also included here is a first time performance of two songs, Strength To Endure by RAMONES and Looking For Nothing, an Andy Warstar original. There are a couple Bob Dylan covers and a few Andy Warstar classics. All in all, it's a pretty cool recording. For what this is, being FREE and all, it's fucking great! Enjoy & Rock On...

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